Saturday, August 17, 2013

Phonics notebook assembly!

Sometimes you have get messy, in order to get where you want to be, right!?
The other day I showed you a picture of how I already copied off my phonics notebook for my kiddos. 

The last 2 days, we've spent putting it together in class. I would say I gave them about 45 minutes each day to get them finished, some were finished sooner, and some....still aren't finished. It takes a while, BUT, then it's done for the year (minus the phonics section) and it's an AWESOME resource for the kids.

I started off giving them the dictionary section cover and title cards...

They cut and pasted all the title cards for that section...

It MIGHT get a little messy (lol)...

Once they finished all the title cards, I gave them the word cards that go with each letter of the alphabet to cut and paste...

Once they finished the whole dictionary part, I gave them the Category section...which is much shorter, and not NEAR as messy. They were all like  "THAT'S all?? Whew!" haha!

Again, once they finished the cover and title cards, I gave them the word cards, and I MADE them figure out which category the word cards went to. It's a great way to do an informal assessment. I kind of already have an idea of who I might need to work harder with. 

The only thing left of the notebook to finish is the phonics portion....

But we do that part as we go.  Want to check out my pack?  I have another blogpost about it! Click the picture below to check it out!

ALSO, don't forget!! BIG  Back to School TpT sale!!!

I'll be back later with some more fun!

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