Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Spelling Throughout the Year {grades 1, 2, and 3!}

This week for Wishlist Wednesday, it's my Spelling Throughout the Year pack (I have grades 1-3!)

Here is how it's set up....

Here is the scope and sequence for 2nd grade... (you get your choice of fry or dolche sight words, whichever you or your school prefers!)

Check out my post HERE to read more about what is included in the packs.

You can check out my post HERE to see how I keep them organized and display them!

You can look for them at my 

I have grades 1, 2, and 3!  They are all on sale until Friday! You can also enter to win a pack below! Giveaway ends tonight!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Label It and Write About It!

I have had a few people tell me that they want the "Label It" center from my monthly CCS center packs in EVERY month...they really like them!

So, I've decided to make MONTHLY Label It Packs! These will be separate from what is included in my monthly CCS center packs. I actually REALLY like these because they are great vocabulary words for writing. It gives their brain a place to start...some ideas.

My plan was just to make one big pack with all the months in it. But then, when I got started, I realized that just one month was almost 100 pages! The ideas for pictures just kept coming....and I had to make myself stop, or I could have gone even further!

So, here's what I came up with for August. Now, I know that some of you don't go back to school in August, or if you do, it might be the end of August, but you could still use this for Back To School themes. I guess that would have been a better title "Back to School" but then that would have messed up with with my need for everything to be uniform...haha!

In August, the themes are "Back to School" and "Getting to Know You" so all of the pictures correspond with those themes.  There are 11 pictures included...

There are 4 versions of each picture... A color one (mainly for teacher purposes), one that is JUST labeling, then 2 versions of the "caption" picture (regular lines and writing lines).

There are also 4 versions of each writing page. This layout will be the same for ALL of the months.

I have included word banks on each page so that it's easier for the students to know how to spell THOSE words. Even the writing pages have the word banks, which I love because that way, you could use JUST the writing pages for a writing activity and NOT the pictures pages. There are so many different ways you could use these activities!

Here are some examples of how you could have them do them in your class.

This one is JUST labeling and coloring:

This one is labeling, coloring and then adding a written aspect to it. This would obviously be for your more experienced writers. I like to have the kids "highlight" the words from the pictures in their writing with a light colored crayon (yellow, light green, light orange, or pink). For even MORE writing, there is a FULL PAGE that you could use!

Another option you could do is a lesser version of the written version. This one I like to do. I have the students label the picture and color it... but THEN they have to add in a scene. This is a scene of the girl walking to school. This gets them to think about settings and such.  Then, under the picture, they have to write a "caption" for the picture. Again, I like for them to highlight the words they use. 

Now some of the words they want to use won't be in the word bank. But that's when I tell them to get out their Spelling Journals

I have a "Category" section and just about about every theme you can think of is in there...and if it's not? Then we write it in! They have their own personal word walls whenever they need them! You can check out my post on them HERE.

You can check out my Label It! activity packs in both of my shops:

AND, since I haven't blogged about them since I posted them back in June, I've even had time to finish September's pack!

There are 13 pictures included in this month's pack... and the same kind of layout as August's pack. Here are the pictures included in September: 

Check out September in my 2 shops

Want to try it out for free??? You can download the freebie version from my August pack!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Tasty Fact Math Quizzes

This week for Wishlist Wednesday, I'm doing my Tasty Facts Math Quizzes... BUNDLE!

Math Fact fluency is so important! Not only is a Common Core standard, but it's also the baseline for the rest of their math "career!" If they don't know their facts, there will be so much they will struggle with in math.

I start these in the beginning of the all of my years of teaching 2-5, I have ALWAYS started with addition. You'd be surprised at which students DON'T know their facts from memory! lol

I keep track on the recording sheets...and as you can see I would still have some on addition, some on subtraction, and some even on multiplication - and this was when I taught 2nd grade! woohoo!

Check out THIS post on how I keep them organized...I also go into greater detail of explaining them...and answer some questions that I've gotten!

Check out THIS post to see our Addition Fact celebration and THIS post for our Subtraction Fact celebration.

You can just see the enjoyment of the kids who have earned their party!

I have put the bundle AND the separate packs on sale (in case you don't need the bundle) until Friday
But you can enter to win below!!  You can win the bundle so you'll have both sets (and I used both sets teaching grades 2-5). Giveaway ends tonight, but the sale goes until Friday night.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Making the Most of Silent Reading Time

I have blogged about how I do this a long time ago. But I am kind of ashamed of the post, it was one of my firsts... the pictures are upside down or sideways and it's just horrible. lol. SO, I'm going to go a little MORE in depth with better pictures and explanations.

Silent Reading.

Do you do it?

I do....EVERY day.

I mainly do it every day because for my first 11 years of teaching, I never knew what the home life was of my students, so I wanted to give them an opportunity EVERY day to read... because we know how important it is to read, right?!

Anyway... I didn't want them to JUST read. I wanted it to mean know that what we learn in class transfers to reading..and THAT's why we learn what we do. 

What I like to do is use the skill reading logs as daily classroom reading logs. I always do a mini-lesson before reading (a refresher of a skill we've already learned!), and then while they read, they do a “book hunt” looking for words that match a skill. This usually takes a lot of practice in the beginning, but then becomes very easy and quick for them to do!

Here are some pictures of how I have my students keep track of the words they find or the problem, characters, setting and such. I cut up post-it notes into little strips and they use those to mark the spot to go back and find them. That way they don’t waste their time reading. 

 After they finish reading, they go back to their seats and take a few minutes to fill out that day’s entry in their reading log. This will take some practice, but will eventually get pretty quick!

(This is one of the logs from my Reading Logs pack)

After they write in their words, we will then spend a few minutes going over their “finds” in whole-group. A lot of times we’ll do tree maps (like shown above) and other times we might do a turn and talk with their shoulder partners. This part of the activity takes about 5-7 minutes.

(yes, that is a chalkboard! haha the kids LOVED it)

I used to just make up recording sheets as I needed them..but then realized I was making a LOT of work for I decided to condense them all in one spot! So I created my newest pack... Reading Logs Aligned with ELA Skills. (I have them aligned to 1st grade CCS, but I KNOW that they work for 2nd too, since I taught 2nd for so many years!)

There are three different versions of the reading logs - Grammar, Reading, and Phonics Sills. And then there is a version of just monthly reading logs. This gives you the opportunity to use the reading logs in SO many different ways! I personally, use the reading logs with skills IN my classroom and the monthly ones for home. There are a lot of skills that the parents may not know or completely get, so I just do those in class. BUT, I usually only do them as a review.  The same skill is on the reading log for the whole week; M-Th, or whichever 4 days you want to do! Sometimes we would have a computer day where our silent reading time was taken up, so then that's the day I would count as our "off day" on the reading log.

Each Reading log type also comes with an A.R. Version...where you can record their A.R. points for the week! I liked doing this and then stapling their reading logs on top, and then you can flip through and see their progress. I gave my students a goal of 1 A.R. point a week...which translated into passing 2 picture books or chapter book a week...most of them did that, if not more!

Here are some close ups of what each version looks like.

For the "skills" logs, each version has the same image on them, so you can easily tell if it's a grammar, phonics, or reading skill.

So, there you have it.... 125 pages of reading logs to help your silent reading, guided reading, or even your reading homework really count! well...250 pages if you count the A.R. files also included in the pack! 

You can check them out at my stores!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday - Common Core Bundles!

Today's Wishlist Wednesday is for my Common Core I Can Statements and Gradebook BUNDLE!

This bundle includes both the Common Core Gradebook and the editable version of the gradebook
It also includes the 2nd Grade Common Core “I Can” statements!
It is a complete way to keep your standards organized and to keep track of which students have mastered which Common Core ELA and Math skill!

The zip file you download will have 4 files - the editable Gradebook (you will need to have powerpoint), and editable gradebook where you can type in your students' names before you print out the gradebook, and 2 versions of the "I Can" statements: clear print and kid-writing print.

You can check out THIS post to see how I keep mine organized and displayed.

And HERE'S an upclose picture of my gradebook, and another way to display them in your classroom!!

I have Common Core I Can Statements and Gradebooks for grades K, 1, 2, and 3! So if you teach one of those grades, you can enter to win! The giveaway ends TODAY (Wednesday) but you can grab them (all grade levels!) on sale for 30% off through FRIDAY! I even put the separate packs on sale in case you don't need both packs!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

August CCS Centers... FIRST Grade!

I spent a lot of June trying to get ready for next year...A busy beaver, I was.  I started in on my CCS center packs, but I started with FIRST grade! Yes, I will STILL be finishing up 2nd grade... I won't be deserting my 2nd grade friends!  I figured I'd go ahead and start sharing them since some of you go back in August. I know we do, but we go back a few weeks into August.  So first up, 1st Grade August centers!

These are meant to be review centers; skills that they've already been taught so that you can pull for small groups without worrying about "teaching" the skills in the centers!

There are different menus for you to choose from:
-Color menu that has all the common core standards on each center.
-Three different b/w center menus for students.

Each center has 2 different size Center Directions - 1/2 page and full page size. Some centers even have different versions of directions, depending on which set of directions you want to give to your students. This makes it easier or differentiating!

This literacy pack includes 15 common core aligned centers. Included in the 140 page Literacy pack:

Centers include:
Word Work:
Label a Picture
August Poem

Adjectives (matching)
Build a Sentence

Read and Illustrate
Sequencing - Main Idea and Details
Sight Words

Sentence Scramble
Stretch a Sentence
Be an Author

Spin-a-Word - Short A
Building Words - Short A
Word Families -ap and -at

Story Structure
Summarzing (SWBSF)
Summarizing with writing it out
Thematic Writing Paper
Problem and Solution
Evaluate the Story

I've also finished the MATH set!

Centers include:
Roll-a-Problem - Addition Problems(adding 1 and 2)
Fact Families
Balancing Act: Addition
Word Problems

Rolling Numbers
Spin-a-Number: Counting by 2s
Comparing 1-digit Numbers
Missing Numbers on a Hundreds Chart

Number Line
Decomposing Numbers
10 Frames
Number Recognition

MD and G:
NonStandard Measurement
Time to the Hour
Coin Recognition

OR you can get them as a BUNDLE and save some money!!

Check them out in my shops:

You can also download a freebie from the "Add-Ins" section

2nd Grade is also already in the shop!! I'll be back to talk about those tomorrow!