Spider spelling!

Hey friends...

I just wanted to quickly share with you...

I'm planning my week for next week 

My theme is spiders (for one part of the day - the other part of my day will be the life cycle of a plant - lol...I know...they don't really go hand in hand, BUT...got to fit it all in, right?!)...

I'm using my Spider Literacy pack...

and I needed a spelling or sight word center (whichever...but now I need the other one - ha!)

So, I quickly made up a center

Feel free to grab it - there are two different versions.

One is spider words, and the other is spider spelling.

Each version has 2 different pages, so that you could use 10 words if you wanted to.

I know that there are six sides on a die, but the OCD part of me HAD to have them write HALF their words on one side and the other half of their words on the other side (we have 10 words), so that is why there are only 5 columns on the chart. lol


In other news...I took the word verification back off.

Maybe the fact that I had it on for a few days tricked the "spammers" and now I won't get any for a little while??  We will see.

So now you can feel free to leave all the comments you like :)


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Thanks, Jen!!!!! Looks fun!! And simple!!!!!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Lisa R. said...

The spammers have been quiet on my end for the past few days too, so fingers crossed! Love the super cute spider activities!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss DeCarbo said...

Really cute! :)

Sugar and Spice

Just Wild About Teaching said...

love this freebie thanks....im your newest follower drop by =)


Serena said...

Cute - thanks!

Stacey Arballo said...

Love This! I am trying spelling for the first time in kinder and am going to use this. I noticed on the side bar you are a NB certified teacher. I'm going through it this year! Yikes! I spent yesterday trying to decide what to videotape for entry 2 and made a list. Now I just need to plan each of them out and video them. fingers crossed!

Liz howard said...

Thanks, Jen :)

Fern Smith said...

This is great, thank you for sharing this at TBA and linking up!
Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!
Fern Smith’s Pinterest Boards!

louise zirk said...

I appreciate your spider spelling. It is such a fun opportunity for kids to practice their spelling words. Thanks.

Vocab Monk said...

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