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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Updated Math!

Hey guys...

Just a quick little hello!

This past week, I had TWO of my little 2nd graders pass not only ALL of their addition facts...

but also ALL of their subtraction facts, too!!

They used the quizzes out of my Tasty Facts pack

SO...after about a week of teaching them multiplication, those two are moving on to my Multiplication and Beyond pack!

Well...since they already earned their ice cream and pizza party, I didn't want them to use the the same "party" - and I've always done a Nacho party for multiplication...

But when I was creating the pack, I couldn't find any clip art that had the nacho separated into pieces...
Then, I met Ashley...


and she TOTALLY came through with some SERIOUSLY cute clip art for it - have you met her yet??

Once you do, you will be addicted!

Any who-skiis

I went and added the Nacho version 
(I kept the ice cream version in there for those of you who don't have/do the addition/subtraction pack, so you can still do that version if you'd prefer.)

I have also included the vertical version of the multiplication quizzes. 
(Like I did for the addition/subtraction pack)

-cover sheets for both multiplication and "beyond"
-checklists to keep track of your students' success
-2 different versions for each multiplication fact from 0-12
-2 different versions for each beyond
- build your sundae templates
-build your pizza templates
- teacher tips
-posters for bulletin boards
- student examples

What's included in the "beyond" skills:
squared, 100-, square root, cubed, changing percents to fractions, improper fractions, reducing fractions, equivalent fractions, finding fractions (what is 2/3 of 15), and multiplying fractions.


If you've already bought them, go redownload them for free!

If not...

What are you waiting for??

Go check them out!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tasty Fact - and beyond!

I FINALLY finished it!

I finally took ALLLLLL the quizzes I did when I taught 3rd (and 5th) grade and purrttied them up and made them into a pack...

In my class, I have been doing timed quizzes forever! My kids LOVE them because we set goals that they have to pass all the way through the end by a certain date and they get to "build" their ice cream sundae or pizza to earn their party! 

Here's what's included: 
-cover sheets for both multiplication and "beyond" 
-checklists to keep track of your students' success 
-2 different versions for each multiplication fact from 0-12 
-2 different versions for each beyond fact
- build your sundae templates 
-build your pizza templates 
- teacher tips 
-posters for bulletin boards
 - student examples 

 What's included in the "beyond" skills: 
squared, 100-, square root, cubed, changing percents to fractions, improper fractions, reducing fractions, equivalent fractions, finding fractions (what is 2/3 of 15), and multiplying fractions. 

 When I taught 3rd grade, I even started with addition and subtraction - 

check out my Addition and Subtraction Pack too!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rhymes and Times

Before I get to the math portion of this post, I have to share.... baby is ONE MONTH OLD!!

Where, oh where, has time gone????

So, of course, I took some I do it any other way??? lol!!

She always does this face....makes me giggle :)

Autumn still loves her!!

To celebrate, we ate cupcakes!!

Actually, we went to my friend's daughter's 1st birthday, and she made these SUPER cute cupcakes!!
She used royal icing with meringue powder mixed in....otherwise the icing runs....we know this from experience - ha!

She found a pic online she liked, printed it up, and put it underneath parchment paper so she could trace it to do her royal icing transfer. THIS  link to Joy of Baking has a video to sow you, but also gives some details to think about.

Ok, now onto MATH!

So there is a Multiplication Linky party going on over at Wiggin's World. Granted, I'm in 2nd grade...I don't get around to multiplication until the end of the year...although, I will say that 1/2 my class is already on their facts tests on their multiplications!! I had like 4 of them on their multiplication quizzes by the time we left for Christmas - booyah!!

Anyway, being a 3rd grade teacher, I know how imperative it is that they know these I teach my 2nd graders as soon as they are ready..BUT in 3rd grade, we our school's math coach introduced us to this AWESOME program called Rhymes and Times. (And they aren't just for multiplication - they have addition, subtraction, and division too!!).
This is a picture of the brochure - sorry, I'm on the "old timer"'s not up to par like my hubby's laptop (and he's at work with it, soo....)

Click HERE for a sample lesson using times 7s.

I'm tellin' ya - my kids love this!! And each lesson, you have kinesthetics AND the rhyming to help the students to remember the problems.  They do EVERY SINGLE one, but they do A LOT! Almost the whole multiplication chart...I like to color in the boxes that they've learned as we do the program (and the reciprocal problem as well, so if we learned 4x6, then we've also learned 6x4, so I would color both boxes).

Seriously...go check them out! And they do it for addition, subtraction, and division too!!

I also want to thank Christina

Mrs. Bainbridge's Class

for giving me the favorite follower award....She is one of my favorite blogs!! Do you follower her yet?? No?? Get over there!! She's awesome!! And she even has her school teacher website with LOTS of great ideas on there!! I have been following her LONG before I became a blogger!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flip Flip Math

I found this cute math activity on Pinterest; Flip Fop Math- basically the associative property. We used it for addition, but we might revisit it later for subtraction, and it SURELY can be used for multiplication and division. I just made the outline templates out of cardstock (actually, I think I used old file folders that were lying around- hey, gotta reuse, reduce, and recycle as much as possible, right?!). Then, had the kids trace and cut out their flops (wow -was I surprised at the lack of some motor skills there - we will be doing LOTS of cutting activities to help improve that). Then, they chose 2 cards out of my deck of playing cards (I use decks of cards A LOT in math - and they are GREAT random number generators). They had to tell me both of the math facts that they were going to write on their flops. My intern and I put the ribbon to make the thong part of the flops, but you can use more construction paper.